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Upgrade/Renewal FaxMind Server

If you need more user accounts or fax lines working with the fax server, you can purchase more user and fax line licenses at any time. We also offer remote support service for helping you to set up the FaxMind Server.

Software Upgrade Protection ensures access to the most current major or minor software updates free of charge for the duration of the Software Upgrade Protection period. Software Upgrade Protection can be extended in 12-month increments to lifetime at any one time.

For example, if a new FaxMind license is purchased on February 20, 2013, upgrade protection will expire on February 21, 2013. During this time, you can download and install any major or minor version upgrades.

In order to upgrade/renewal FaxMind Server, please enter your current registration details below, and click Continue.

Volume discount

Qty. Unit Unit price You save
1 to 3 $100.00 0%
4 to 8 $60.00 40%
9 to 24 $30.00 70%
25 to 255 $20.00 80%

Please contact FaxMind to obtain a customized quote for higher seat quantities.

Volume discount

To calculate the base price for one fax server, multiply the number of users by the unit band price.

Qty. Unit Unit price You save
1 to 9 $18.00 0%
10 to 19 $14.50 21%
20 to 34 $11.50 38%
34 to 49 $10.00 46%
50 to 99 $8.50 55%
100 to 249 $6.00 67%
Unlimited Users $900.00 -

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