FaxMind Server

Configure Automatic Inbound Routing

FaxMind is equipped with support for routing incoming faxes/voice messages based upon Virtual Extension, Fax Device (Fax line), Called subscriber identification (commonly called CSID) data and Calling Number Display (commonly called Caller ID) data. Each received fax can be routed to any printer, email box or other fax number that you designated:

  • Virtual Extension
    FaxMind Server provides every user a special Extension Phone number, once you enable the IVR & Voice functionalities (See also: Configure Default IVR Profile), the FaxMind operates in following way:
    1. The caller dials your fax number and waits before the call is answered.
    2. FaxMind will play a pre-recorded welcome message. And after that the caller may press an extension number which ends with #, i.e. 801#
    3. FaxMind will recognize the extension number and employ it to recognize the users of the incoming fax.

    If an extension number is associated to multiple users, incoming fax will be forwared to all these users.

  • Fax Devcie / Line routing
    FaxMind allows you to associate an actual fax line to users or departments. For instance, if there're 4 fax lines in your company, you could associate each department a fax line. When a fax device/fax line receive an incoming fax, it will be forwared to all users in the corresponding department.
  • CSID
    When FaxMind receives a fax, the transmitting fax machine will send a called subscriber identification(CSID) string that identifies the specific fax machine as the sender to FaxMind. This string is usually a combination of the fax machine's telephone number and identification of the fax machine's user. In some regions, providing a CSID is required according to laws.
    While it rarely changes, you can use it to recognize the sender as well as the related recipient.
  • Caller ID
    This is the sender's fax number, you can use it to recognize the sender and therefore the related forwarded users.
    There are a few requirements that must be met before you will be able to route faxes based upon Caller ID data. First, the Calling Number Display service must be active on the telephone line on which you receive faxes. This service is provided by your telephone company, usually for a small extra monthly charge. Also, your receiving fax modem must have support for detecting and preserving Caller ID data so that FaxMind can acquire it. 

There are two methods for you to add routing rules:

  • Routing rules are also applied to the incoming voice message.
  • Right-click on a profile, and choose Clear all... menu will remove all added rules under the profile.
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