FaxMind Server

Configure Default IVR Profile

Navigate to Settings tab, click IVR Profile... button on toolbar, the Default IVR/Voice Profile dialog will be displayed.

FaxMind plays a pre-recorded Greeting voice message to the caller when incoming call is picked up, and waits 10 seconds for the caller to enter an extension which ends with "#". If there's no entering digits, FaxMind will begin to receive fax directly. If you have entered an unexisting extension, the caller will receive a Warning message. The call will be dropped after 3 failed attempts.

  • Greeting voice file
    Play a pre-recorded greeting/menu voice message to the caller. It better not be more than 15 seconds long.
  • User extension pressed, play:
    FaxMind Server provides every user a special Virtual Extension number for callers to send fax to the user directly. When the caller enter (dial) a valid extension number, play this voice message and then start to receive fax, which will be automatically forwarded to the owner of the virtual extension number.
  • Warning message
    Play this message to the caller if he/she entered an invalid extension number.
  • Enable Recording Voice message
    FaxMind can be used as an auto-answer machine that allows the caller to leave a message to corresponding users based on the Routing Rules.
  • Virtual Extension number:
    By default, faxmind will start to record a voice message when the caller presses "*#". For Modem, the default max. duration is 20 seconds, or ends when the caller pressed "#". For Diva Fax board, there's no this limit.
  • Before recording, play:
    Play a pre-recorded voice message to the caller before recording a voice message.
  • In order to use this feature, make sure that your modem/fax board is voice compatible.
  • Voice files better not be more than 15 seconds long.
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