FaxMind Server

Fax Devices

Navigate to Settings tab, click Fax Devices in the left of window to display the Fax Devices section.

Here you can setup the dialing rules and configure each fax device installed on your system.

Enable Dialing Rules
Select this option if you wish FaxMind using the Dailing Rules to convert fax numbers you entered into dialable format. It includes:

  • Country or region code.
  • Area (or city) code.
  • Access code for Domestic Long Distance calls.
  • Access code for International calls.

Fax Devices

Configure fax devices installed on your system.

  • Auto-Detect
    Scan the local COM port and available DIVA channels to detect installed modems and Dialogic Diva Fax Boards. FaxMind will attempt to detect automatically all fax devices accessible to the FaxMind Server. Occasionally you may need to rescan your ports after replacing or re-pluging fax devices, or in the event of some error. If the server is unable to detect your modem you can use the Manual Add Fax Modem feature to enter your modem's information manually.
  • Manual Add
    Manually identify modems that FaxMind is unable to detect by the Auto-detect function. Dialogic Diva Fax Boards can't be added manually.
  • Remove Device
    Remove an existing fax modem.
  • Properties...
    Open Fax Device Properties dialog to configure the selected fax device.
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