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Dailing Rules

Navigate to Settings tab, click Fax Devices in the left of window to display the Fax Devices section.

FaxMind can retrieve the Windows dialing rules and provide options for automatic processing of fax numbers you entered into dialable format, usually the "+" is automatically converted into Access code for international calls (e.g. "011" ) if the call is international, and it prefixes an access code (e.g. "1") if the call is domestic long distance. If the Enable Dialing Rules option is not ticked, fax numbers will be dialed unmodified.

FaxMind uses the dialing rules to detect whether you make local calls, long-distance calls or international calls, otherwise calls will be marked as Direct-dial calls.

If your fax line is behind a PBX or some other switched phone system, an access code (Use Dial Prefix for outbound calls, e.g. "9") may be specified for dialing an outside line in the Fax Device's Properties dialog box.

In accordance with the settings above:

Phone number Dialed as Type
(865) 934-8750 9348750 Local call
+1 (865) 934-8750 9348750 Local call
(312) 345-1234 13123451234 Domestic long distance call
+1 (312) 345-1234 13123451234 Domestic long distance call
+44 (20) 3456-7890 011442034567890 International call
(865) 934-8750 8659348750 If Remove area code for local calls unticked.

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