FaxMind Server

Configuration Profiles

FaxMind allows you add up to 10 configuration profiles, each Configuration Profile may have its own monitoring mailbox, SMTP account, Google Docs account, users and fax lines. You can simply setup a profile for a branch or a department in your company for them to send & receive fax with their own settings.

In Fetching mail settings section, you can setup how often the FaxMind will attempt to fetch mail from your email accounts, and determine whether to remove the mail message from the server or not.

Fetching mail settings

  • Check for new email every [x] seconds
    Specify how often the FaxMind connects to the mail server to retrieve mails for outbound faxes.
  • Leave a copy of messages on mail server
    By default, after a message is downloaded from a POP3 e-mail server, it is deleted from the server. However, if you have turned on the Leave a copy of messages on the server option, the message remains on the mail server.
  • Auto-Response E-mail Filtering list...
    In order to prevent mail loops, the FaxMind server will not accept messages that contain Re:, Fwd:, fw: etc in the Subject line. Click this button to configure the filtering list.
  • Delete all history emails
    Click this button to delete all downloaded email messages in the X:\FaxMindData\Emails\ folder.

Manage Configuration Profiles

  • To add new configuration profile
    On toolbar, click New... button in Configuration Profile group, the New Configuration Profile wizard dialog will be displayed. Create a new configuration profile is a 6 steps process:
    • Specify mailbox for outbound faxing
    • Specify STMP account for sending confirmation emails.
    • Setup whether to upload inbound or outbound faxes to your Google Docs account or not.
    • Setup notification email and the header of fax message.
    • Associate Fax Devices to the profile.
    • Choose users who may use this profile.
  • To edit an existing configuration profile
    To edit an existing configuration profile, double-click the desired entry. This will display the Edit configuration profile wizard, make any desired changes to the profile.
  • To remove configuration profile
    To delete an existing configuration profile, select the desired entry, and click Delete button in Configuration Profile group on toolbar, you will be asked to confirm to continue.
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