FaxMind Server

Advanced Settings

The Advanced section contains settings that are not used that often, such as enabling the Web Client Service, changing the Storage Location, settings for Billing plan, and various advanced settings that only certain people may need.

The Settings contains the following items:

  • Enable log files for FaxMind: If this option is selected, FaxMind will turn ON the log function and start the log, separate log files will be generated each day. The names of the files will correspond to the date they were created.
  • Ask password when restore this manager window: FaxMind Manager will be minimized to tray when you clicking Close(X) button. If this option is selected, you will be asked to enter the Administrator's password when trying to restore the manager.
  • Send confirmation email to illegal user: If you would like a confirmation email sent to the email address when FaxMind received emails from , select this option.
  • Automatic forward fax to users under the profile if there's no matching rule: You can choose to forward the incoming fax to corresponding users manually.
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