FaxMind Server

Mailbox for outbound faxing

The New Configuration Profile wizard dialog will be displayed when you click the New... button in Configuration Profile group on toolbar. Here you can specify your email account which FaxMind will collect email messages to be processed and faxed. Enter the Profile name, POP3 server's host name or IP address, Port (port 110, SSL 995), login information, click Test account to verify before continuing.

Click Next button to continue.

  • Profile name
    Enter a name for the configuration profile.
  • E-mail address
    Enter Email address FaxMind will monitor for outbound faxes.
  • Enable Email to Fax functionality
    If you use FaxMind to receive incoming fax only, uncheck this option.
  • Incoming mail server
    Enter the pop3 mail server from which you wish to be collect FaxMind's message.
  • Port
    FaxMind will use this port when it connect to your mail server. The setting is port 110 (SSL: 995).
  • Requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
    Check this option if you wish to use SSL/TLS when collecting messages from the mail server.
  • User name
    Enter the user name or login credential of the mail account on the specified server.
  • Password
    Enter the password needed to access the account.
  • Test account
    Click this button to verify the account before continuing.
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