FaxMind Server

General Settings

The default tab displayed when opening a device's Modem Properties dialog is "General". It displays the settings and information about the fax device, including: the port on which it operates, the identifier (CSID) you specified, etc.

  • Name
    Display the Fax Device's name by default. Enter a new name if you would like to change.
  • COM Port
    Select the port on which this modem is installed.
  • Fax Class
    Choose a fax class you would like to use. For Diva fax boards, it always shows Diva API.
    Class 1 and Class 2.0 are protocols defined by the TIA/EIA. Class 1 is a lower level protocol, so the computer has to implement more of the actual T.30 fax protocol.  Class 2.0 provides a higher level interface.  If you have a poor quality modem, it's better to use Class 1.  If you have a high quality modem, then you will get better performance using Class 2.0.
  • Reset sequence
    AT command is used to reset the fax device.
  • Init sequence
    AT commands configure the modem's options for things like error correction, data compression, flow control, and many other parameters.
  • Local-ID (TSID)
    Specify a unique transmitting subscriber identification (abbreviated TSID) which is usually a combination of your fax number and company name for the fax device, to identify itself as the sender of a fax transmission.
  • Enable Outbound Calls & Enable Inbound Calls
    Select these options whether use this modem to send or receive fax or not.
  • Answer to calls after [n] rings
    Specify how many times the line must ring before FaxMind will answer it.
  • Use Dial Prefix for outbound calls
    If your fax line is behind a PBX or some other switched phone system, an access code may be specified for dialing an outside line, e.g. 9 or 0
  • Auto cancel calls after [n] seconds
    FaxMind will automatically hand off the call if there's no response data from this fax modem after the length of time has elapsed.
  • Silent Mode
    Check this option to turn off the speaker of your modem.
  • Scheduled
    Specify the working times for this fax device.
  • If you are having issue with faxes being "garbled", "top 10% of the page", "half page is missing", etc., try using the 2nd Init sequence.
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