FaxMind Server

Add a new Cover Pages

Whenever a fax is sent FaxMind may attach a cover page to it. This cover page might be the default cover page or the one you specify when you compose email. To create or edit a cover page, select the Cover Pages section in the Settings tab.

Creating a New Cover Page

  • Click the New... button on top of the Cover Pages section, the New Cover Page dialog will appear.
  • On this dialog you will assign a Name and a desired Abbreviation to your cover page.
  • After you have entered this information, click OK.
  • FaxMind will create the Cover Page and load it into the FaxMind Cover Page Editor for customization.


  • Cover page name
    Type a name for your cover page into this text box. This may be a descriptive name such as "The Price Quote for Audi".
  • Abbreviation
    Here is you can enter an abbreviation regarding this cover page. This allows you to easily specify a specific cover page when you compose email, especially using a cell phone.
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