FaxMind Server

Fax billing settings

The FaxMind is integrated in a fax billing function. Fees can be charged by the number of pages or the sending duration of fax sent.

After configuring the Dailing Rules, FaxMind will be able to detect whether you make local calls, long-distance calls or international calls, otherwise they will be marked as Direct-dial calls. FaxMind allows you to define the individual rates for Local calls, long distance calls, international calls and Direct-dial calls:

  • Navigate to Settings tab on the ribbon toolbar.
  • Click Advanced in the Left bottom of window to display the Advanced Settings section.
  • Check the Enable Billing option, and setup the fees:
    • Charged by Sending Time/Fax pages: Choose a billing method you would FaxMind to perform.
    • Local calls: Enter the rates for local calls.
    • Long distance calls: Enter the rates for long-distance calls.
    • International calls: Enter the rates for international calls.
    • Direct-dial calls: Enter the rates for Direct-dial calls.
  • Don't forget to click the Save button on toolbar to apply changes.

This billing function is usually used to charge fees from a guest who send out fax in Hotel and Resort. You can print out the billing summary for each guest by days in the Reports tab in main interface.

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