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Sending a fax from Microsoft Outlook email Client

Most of time, it is more suitable and effective for sending a fax via your familiar email client application, i.e. Microsoft Outlook. This is done by composing your email message and sending to an email account that you know FaxMind Server is monitoring. For example, if FaxMind Server is collecting all the email messages sent to faxservice@yourcompany.com then sending your message to that address will get it faxed. Some special considerations must be observed in order to use this method of faxing.

When you compose your email message you can specify just a fax number or an email address on the Subject line like this:
(203) 2250505; daniel.wollman@ctmemory.com

You can also specify the recipient's name and the fax number or email address:
Daniel Wollman <(203) 2250505>; Daniel Wollman <daniel.wollman@ctmemory.com>; 'Daniel Wollman' (daniel.wollman@ctmemory.com)

Attachments in the email will be converted and combined automatically to a faxable tiff image, and attached behind cover page if exists.

You can customize your fax message (CoverPage) by adding email macros in the email body, i.e. SUBJECT, COVERPAGE, HEADER, MEMO, PRIORITY ect., more details see the Email Macros section.

The following image shows a demo in Outlook 2007:

  • To: faxservice@faxmind.com: Email account that FaxMind Server is monitoring.
  • Subject: <203-225-7751>; Daniel Wollman (daniel.wollman@ctmemory.com): Recipients of the fax.
  • Attached: Manual.docx; FaxMindCoverPage.pdf: Documents will be faxed. See Supported File Formats for details.
  • Message body:
    Attach the cover page which has an abbreviation of fm to the fax.
    (S: Testing Fax): The subject of the fax. This text is inserted in the {Subject} field of the coverpage.
    From the hello line in the body will be regarded as Memo which will be inserted in cover page.

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