FaxMind Server

Email Macros

When FaxMind processes an email message in preparation for faxing, it examines the mail Subject line to determine where to whom (usually called Recipients) the fax should be sent. Even more, it is possible to place the following special macros within the body of an email message to achieve specific results:

  • Macros must appear at the top of the message body and one macro per line.
  • Macros are case-insensitive.
  • Macros must start with a "[", "(" or "}" (macro keys MUST be next to these starting characters) and end with "]", ")" or "}".
  • Macro keys and values are splitted by "=" (equal) or ":" (colon).
  • Usage for the macro should be:
    [Macro = Value ]
    [Macro =
    Value - Line 1
    Value - Line 2
    Value - Line 3
    If you use a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android mobile) to send a fax, the following line can be more easily inputted:
    (Macro : Value )
    For example:

Fax's details

Macros Abbreviated Description
CoverPage CP / P Specify the cover page that will be used for this fax. Value must specify a valid Abbreviation of the cover page in FaxMind Server.
Subject S Specify the subject of the fax. This text is inserted in the {Subject} field of the coverpage.
Memo / Comment M Specify the memo of the fax. This text is inserted in the {Memo} field of the coverpage. When no memo is present, email body text below the macro lines will be treated as memo.
Header / Banner H Set the fax header string (banner text) of the fax. This text is added to the top of each fax page sent.
Priority PY Set a priority value for the fax. 2 is the highest priority and 0 is the lowest. Fax messages will always be faxed in the order of their priority setting. When no priority setting is present, they will be treated as Normal with a setting of 1.
TSID / CSID   Set the TSID for fax device. When no TSID setting is present, FaxMind will use the Fax device's default Local ID.

Recipient’s details
If no recipient's details are present, FaxMind will attempt to retrieve the recipient information from the public contact list by searching with the fax number or email address you entered in the Subject line.

Macros Abbreviated Description
Recipient F Specify the Recipient’s full name.
Phone / Tel T Specify the Recipient’s voice phone number.
Email / E-mail E Specify the Recipient’s email address.
B Specify the Recipient’s mobile phone number.
Company C Specify the Recipient’s company name.
Address Add / A Specify the Recipient’s mail address.
Zip Z Specify the Recipient’s zip code

Sender’s details
If no sender's details are present, user's information will be displayed
Macros Abbreviated Description
FrName / FN Specify the Sender’s full name.
FJ Specify the Sender’s job title.
FF Specify the Sender’s fax number.
FP Specify the Sender’s voice phone number.
FE Specify the Sender’s email address.
FW Specify the Sender’s home page.
FB Specify the Sender’s mobile phone number.
FrCompany FC Specify the Sender’s company name.
FrAddress FA Specify the Sender’s mail address.
FrZip FZ Specify the Sender’s zip code.
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