FaxMind Server

Install FaxMind Server

For more information about how to install FaxMind Server, see the Quick Start Tutorial.

  • Download the FaxMind installer file from:
  • Double-click the FaxMind installer to begin the installation.
  • Select a Language for Installation, click OK.
  • Click Next on the Welcome screen.
  • Click I accept the terms of the License Agreement, then click Next.
  • Select a destination directory for the installer to copy files to, then click Next.
  • If your computer does not have Microsoft .NET framework 2.05 installed, the installation will automatically download and install it. Be sure you have Internet connection if you need to download .NET framework 2.05 on MS's website.
  • The installer will copy the files to the destination directory, and complete the installation.
  • Click Finish button to close the installer, and launch the FaxMind Configuration Wizard.

About T.38 Virtual Fax Modom

In order to use a SIP account for sending fax, you have to install the T.38 Virtual fax modems which could be downloaded separately on our website, the download link usually could be found in your order confirmation email, otherwise, please contact us for help.

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