FaxMind Server

Fax Properties

To open the Fax Properties dialog:

  • Navigate to Fax tab.
  • In Folder Explorer, choose a corresponding folder.
  • Right-click the fax message and click Properties in the popup menu, or click the Properties... button on toolbar.
  • The Fax Properties dialog will be displayed:
    • Fax ID: Fax Job ID in FaxMind.
    • Scheduled: Scheduled time of the fax message.
    • Recipients: To whom the fax will be sent.
    • Caller ID: The sender's fax number.
    • CSID: The sender's called subscriber identification.
    • Submission: Date and time user submitted the fax job.
    • Priority: Priority of the fax message: Low/Normal/High.
    • Cover Page: Cover page will be added to the fax.
    • File: Full path of the fax file.
    • Resolution: Quality of the fax message.
    • Time Rec'd: Date and time when FaxMind receive the fax.
    • Start time: Starting time of the 1st time FaxMind try to send out the fax.
    • Duration: Total length in seconds of the sending/receiving time.
    • Pages: Total pages for the fax message, cover page is not included.
    • Size: File size of the fax file.
    • Transmission Details: Display the sending status for all recipients:
      Recipient: To whom the fax will be sent.
      Device: Fax Line which used to send out the fax.
      Start time: Starting time for the sending fax.
      Duration: Time duration in seconds to send out the fax.



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