FaxMind Server

Import users from CSV Files

It's a two steps process for FaxMind to import users from a CSF file. First, you need to prepare and verify your CSV file. Next, simply choose the file to perform the importing.

  • Preparing your CSV file
    Please ensure that your CSV is a valid CSV format. A good way to check is to import your file into Microsoft Excel and see if the data is as expected. This is also a good opportunity to do any massaging of the data, if you wish. The CSV file must contain a heading row. For example, here is a valid file with two sample users:
    Email, Full Name, Extension, Mobile, Phone, Fax, Address, Zip Code, Website, Job Title, Priority, Permissions
    David@example.com, David Yuan, 801, +188687654321, 886-844-1111, 886-844-2222, ZIPCODE, http://www.faxmind.com, Sales Manager, 1, 15
    Ben@example.com, Ben, 802, , , , , , , 1, 15

    The value of priority can be from 0 through 2 (Low, Normal, High) and the permission must be 15.

    Click here to download a sample file...
  • Importing the CSV file
    • Navigate to Accounts tab.
    • Click Import... button in Export/Import Tools group on toolbar to open the Import User Account Wizard.
    • Select Import users from CSV/VCF file option, and click open button and locate the CSV files you want to import, press Enter.
    • Click Next to continue, set the delimiters you data contains if needed.
    • Click Next to start importing.
    • Finally, the wizard will display a brief summary of, click OK to close.
  • All imported users will be stored in a new department called: YYYY-MM-DD and can be renamed later.
  • You can select to import CSV and vCards files at a same time.
  • Duplicate email address will be skipped.


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