Installation and Configuration

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FaxMind Server Installation and Configuration

The installation and configuration of FaxMind Server is done through a comfortable setup program and can therefore also be done from persons with limited computer knowledge. The configuration wizards automatically detects and configures all available components (i.e. modems), the fax server is ready for operation right after the installation that way.

We offer free support via Remote desktop connection to all our customers. Please fill out the Instant Remote Support Request Form if need.

  1. Install fax modems/cards on your server computer:
    fax device, fax modem
  2. Connect the modem to land line, plug in the modem's power supply if it's neccessary:
    connect to phone line
  3. Install modem drivers:
    Turn on your computer. After the New Hardware Wizard detects your modem, insert the Installation CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation
    install new fax modem

If you would like to send fax from any 3rd party software(i.e. ERP, OA) in your company, you may use the Desktop Client. click here for more details.

  • Install FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows on your client computer.

  • Connect Desktop Clients to FaxMind Server
    In the Desktop Client login dialog box, click the Scanning Icon to scan available FaxMind Server on your LAN, enter your login account(email address) and password, and click Login button.

  • Send a fax from Client
    Double-click the Desktop Client Icon in the tray area (notification area) to open the New Fax dialog box, enter/choose the fax recipients, add files to be faxed, then click Send Now button.

  • Browse outgoing fax, incoming fax and voice message
    Right-click the Desktop Client Icon in the tray area (notification area), click Fax History in the popup menu.

For more details, see the FaxMind Desktop Client's User Manual.