FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows

Use an email address as the fax number to send fax to (Outlook)

If you have already added the recipient: Full name: Daniel Wollman, Email: daniel.wollman@ctmemory.com, Fax Number: (203) 225-0505 in FaxMind Server (See Fax Recipients) and Microsoft Outlook. We can simply use the contact email address as recipient's phone number to send the fax to:

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, click New Mail Message button on toolbar to compose a new email.
  2. Click To... button.

  3. In Select Names: Contacts dialog box, double-click to choose the contact you would like to send fax to.
    Click OK. The selected contact will be added in To line:
  4. Move the all contacts to the Subject line.
  5. In To... line, enter the email account that you know FaxMind Server is monitoring, i.e. faxservice@faxmind.com.
  6. Attach a file you would like to fax by dragging & dropping a file on the compose email dialog box.

  7. Click Send to send out the fax.
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