FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows

Fax Recipients

Once you create a fax, a fax number of the person who is receiving the fax must be specified. FaxMind allow you to send a fax to multiple recipients, each recipient is split by the ; (semicolon) character. In general, you do not have to enter the recipient fax number one by one, since most of Email Clients(Including FaxMind Desktop Client) has the ability to choose Contacts while composing a new email. However, you can also enter fax number manually. Here is the list of the formats of fax number that FaxMind supports:

  1. Local Phone Number: 934-1234, 934 1234 or 9341234.
    This is the format for making local calls, i.e. within the same area.
  2. Long Distance Number: (865)934-1234, 865-934-1234, 865-9341234 or 865 934 1234 (separated by space).
    This is the format for making long distance calls within the same country.
  3. International Phone Number: +1(865)346-3654, +1-865-8463654, +1 865 8463654 and +1 865 846 3654.
    In international usage, telephone numbers should always be quoted with the country code preceded by a "+";
  4. Extension Phone Number: 934-1234,,,,802 or +44-20-654-5678X802
    The comma causes a 2 seconds pause in dialing, you can add several commas if you want a longer soft pause. I.e. for the PBX (SPC exchanges) response.
    The x character is used to split the fax number and extension number, and will cause a 6 seconds pause in dialing. 

    The above formats follow the rules of the Microsoft Canonical address format for phone numbers which are easily understood around the world.

The main difference with other Email to Fax software is, that you can simply add/choose an email address as a recipient fax number in your email client (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail) and never need to remember the recipient's fax number. In this way, it is necessary for you to add the recipient into the Public Contact in FaxMind Server:

  1. On the server computer, double-click the FaxMind Manager icon on Desktop.
  2. Enter the Administrator's email address and password, click Login button.
  3. Click Contacts tab, in Public Contacts group, click Add Contacts...
  4. Enter the full name, fax number, email address and other information for the new contact.
  5. Click OK to save.
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