FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows

Desktop Client Options

To change desktop client settings:

  1. Right-click the desktop client icon , and click Options... in the popup menu, the Options dialog box will be displayed:

    The Options dialog box contains the following items & buttons:
    • FaxMind Server URL:
      Enter the domain name or IP address and Port of the Fax Server to connect with. i.e.: FaxServerPC,
    • E-mail address:
      Enter your account for logging in FaxMind Server.
    • Password:
      Enter your password here. Leave it blank if you didn't set any password.
    • Save password:
      Save password so you do not need to enter it next time.
    • Auto-Login:
      Automatic login to FaxMind Server when the Desktop Client starting up.
    • Configuring HTTP/HTTPS Proxy Settings:
      Desktop client uses the System Proxy Settings to connect to FaxMind Server. Click to change proxy server settings.
    • Email Client:
      By default, desktop client will submit fax jobs to a FaxMind Server directly. However, fax job can also be appended to an email client, and sent as a normal email. FaxMind Desktop Client supports the following email clients: Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010, Microsoft Outlook Express (Windows 2000/2003/XP), Microsoft Live Mail, Windows Mail (Windows Vista above), Mozilla Thunderbird, IncrediMail and FoxMail 6/7.
      Click the button to auto-detect the default mail client software installed in the your machine.
    • Launch the client when printing completed (FaxMind Printer):
      As soon as you print a document to the FaxMind Printer Driver, the desktop client will launch the corresponding email client, and automatically open the Compose/New Email dialog box and attach the resulting document, if this option is selected.
    • Execute file:
      The execute file of the email client.
    • Storage Location:
      The storage location is where the history faxes are stored.
    • Clear History Faxes:
      Delete all local saved faxes.
    • Open resulting document (.fmf) automatically:
      Automatically open the printed resulting document with Fax Editor if this option is selected.
  2. Make changes if necessary and click OK to save.
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