FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows

Fax Macros

The following macros are used in Coverpages, Fax Header string, Notification Emails and SMS messages to display useful fax information.
Macros are case-insensitive and must start with a "{" and end with a "}".

Recipient's details
Macros Description
{Recipient} Recipient’s full name
Recipient’s fax number
Recipient’s voice phone number
Recipient’s email address
Recipient’s mobile phone number
{Company} Recipient’s company name
{Address} Recipient’s mail address
{Zip} Recipient’s zip code

Sender’s details
Macros Description
{TSID} Device's transmitting subscriber identification
Sender’s full name
Sender’s job title
Sender’s fax number
Sender’s voice phone number
Sender’s email address
Sender’s home page
Sender’s mobile phone number
{FrCompany} Sender’s company name
{FrAddress} Sender’s mail address
{FrZip} Sender’s zip code

Fax’s details
Macros Description

Show the memo or the email body text.

NOTE 1: Ensure enough space is allocated to fit in the email body.

NOTE 2: Emails normally include plain text and HTML formats for backward compatibility. FaxMind shows the HTML version in plain text format. If the text length is more than 600 bytes, HTML message will be inserted into a new fax page and leave the memo field blank.

Shows the subject.
Total number of fax pages, including the coverpage.
Fax transmission date and time.
Fax transmission date.
Fax transmission time.

Additional Fax’s details for Notification Emails and SMS messages

Macros Description
Fax/Voice message ID.
Caller's fax number (Calling Number Display).
Caller's called subscriber identification.
Total length in seconds of the sending/receiving time.
Fax submission date and time.
Starting date and time for sending/receiving fax.
Ending date and time for sending/receiving fax.
How many times FaxMind will try to send out the fax.
Fax resolution.
Fax file name.
Fax file size.
Local, Long-distance, International or Direct-dial calls.
Brief description of fax result.
Last error message.
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