FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows

Login to FaxMind Server

When you launch the program, the Login to FaxMind Server dialog box appears on the screen:

The dialog box contains the following items:

  • Service Provider URL: Enter the domain name or IP address and Port of the Fax Server to connect with. i.e.: FaxServerPC,
  • Search: Click to search for FaxMind Server automatically.
  • E-mail address: Enter your account for logging in FaxMind Server.
  • Password: Enter your password here. Leave it blank if you didn't set any password.
  • Save password: Save password so you do not need to enter it next time.
  • Auto-Login: Automatic login to FaxMind Server when the Desktop Client starting up.
  • HTTPS: Check to use the HTTPS protocol to connect FaxMind Server.
  • Work Offline: Preview all the features of the desktop client
  • Login: Sign in to your account.


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