FaxMind Desktop Client for Windows

Compose a new Fax

To compose a new fax:

  1. Double-click the desktop client icon in the Notification Area (System Tray) or right-click the icon, and click New Fax... in the popup menu.

    The New Fax dialog box contains the following items & buttons:
    • Send Now: Submit the current fax job to FaxMind Server, or append the fax job to your email client.
    • Cancel: Close the New Fax dialog box.
    • Custom: Display Custom sender & recipient information dialog box for you to customize the displaying information in cover page.
    • Profile: Choose a configuration profile you would like to send fax with.
    • Recipients: The person to whom the fax is being sent.
    • Subject: Specify a subject line to be displayed in cover page.
    • Memo: Specify comment/memo which will be displayed in cover page.
    • Cover Page: Specify a cover page for current fax.
      Refresh cover page list.
    • Priority: Set the priority for current fax.
    • Header: Use Fax Macros to customize the fax's header string.
    • Scheduling: Check if you would like to send a scheduled fax.
    • Append: Add files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents) that you want to fax. See Supported File Format List.
    • Open: Launches the currently selected document.
    • Remove: Removes the selected files from list.
    • Scan Image: Allows you to scan a document to add to the list.
    • : Use to arrange the order of the added documents.
  2. Click Recipients button to choose whom the fax is being sent, or type the fax number directly. Recipients are split with a ";" (Semicolon).
  3. Click the Append... button, then locate the files you want to fax;
  4. Select a Header template if you want to add headers to fax page.
  5. If you wish to customize your personal and recipient information displaying in cover page, click Custom button to change it.
  6. Click Send Now button, the fax job will be submitted to FaxMind Server by default.
    If you have chosen to send fax via an email client, FaxMind desktop client will open its composing email dialog box, and automatically fill in the data fields for you.
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