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Text Stamp

Text Stamp

1. Adding an existing Text Stamp.

1) To add an existing Text Stamp, please click the Text Stamp tool and then select an existing Text Stamp.

2) After adding a Text Stamp in the fax message, you can right-click the text stamp to change its font and colour.

2. Customise the Text Stamp

1) Please open the Stamp Manager, and double-click an existing Text Stamp to make the modification.

2) Click the New button to add a new Text Stamp.

Name: Enter the Name for the Text Stamp.

Text: Enter the Text as the content of the Text Stamp.

Variable Value: Add Variable value such as: Date and Time in the Text Stamp.

Font: Specify the font of the Text Stamp.

Color: Choose the colour for the Text Stamp.

At last, click OK to save the new Text Stamp.




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