Fax Editor for FaxMind

Menu bar

The menu bar commands are described in the table below.

Menu Icon Command Shortcut Description
Ctrl+O Display the Open file dialog box to open a tiff file
  Close the current file
Ctrl+S Save the current fax message with the changes
Save the current page of the fax message
Save the fax message as other formats, such as PDF and bmp
  Display the Print Setup dialog box
Ctrl+P Print current fax message
Esc Close Fax Editor
  Cancel the last operation
  Recover the last operation
  Cut the selected area
  Copy the selected area
  Paste the copied content
  Select all the contents
  Clear the selected annotation and the selected file area
    Show or hide the Thumbnail of the fax message
    Show or hide the Tool bar
    Show or hide the Drawing toolbar
    Show or hide the Zoom toolbar
    Show or hide the Status bar
    Show fax image in grayscale mode
  Add a new blank page to the current fax file or replace the current page
    Insert a selected tiff file into current fax file
  Add a new scan page
  Delete the current page
Ctrl+Home Move to the first page
PageUp Move to the previous page
PageDown Move to the next page
Ctrl+End Move to the last page
Ctrl+Right Arrow Rotate the fax by 90 degrees counter-clockwise
Ctrl+Left Arrow Rotate the fax by 90 degrees clockwise
  Flip horizontal current page
Num + Enlarge the displayed fax message
Num - Reduce the displayed fax message
F4 Display the image without scaling
Ctrl+W Reduce or enlarge the image to fit into the window's width
Ctrl+H Reduce or enlarge the image to fit into the window's height
Ctrl+F Reduce or enlarge the image to fit into the window's current size
  Enlarge the selected area
  Add a text stamp
  Add a image stamp
  Burn annotations onto current page, causing them to be permanently incorporated into the fax
F1 Display the help contents
Display the information about Fax Editor
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