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Image Stamp

Image Stamp

1. Adding an existing Image Stamp

1) To add an existing Image Stamp, please click the Image Stamp tool and then select an existing Image Stamp.

2) After adding a Image Stamp in the fax message, you can right-click the image stamp to cut or copy it.

2. Customise the Image Stamp

1) Please open the Signature Manager, and double-click the existing Image Stamp to make the modification.

Note: If a window pops up asking the password, if there is any, just enter the password, if not, leave it as blank and click OK.

2) Click the New button to add a new Image Stamp.

Name: Enter the Name for the Image Stamp.

Image file: Import the image from the local path. For best results, please use a white backclor and 400*400 image.

Access: Setup the Password to limit the use of the Image Stamp.

At last, click OK to save the new Image Stamp.



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