Fax Editor for FaxMind

Drawing Toolbar

You can use these drawing tools to edit the fax message.

Icon Command Description
Move Pan fax page
Selection Rectangle Select rectangular regions of the fax for functions like copy and cut
Selection Select a annotation to handle such as,"Freehand Line", "Rectangle" and so on
Freehand Line Select freehand Line tool
Line Draw a Line
Highligter Mark an important part of the fax message
Hollow Rectangle Select a wanted file area with a hollow rectangle
Filled Rectangle Select a wanted file area with a filled rectangle
Text Add text onto the fax document
Attach-a-note Attach a note which has colourful background
Text from file Add the content of a file onto the fax document
Image from file Insert an image stamp to the fax document
Text Stamp Add a text stamp
Image Stamp Add a image stamp
Burn annotations Burn annotations onto current page, causing them to be permanently incorporated into the fax




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