How to send and receive fax from Google Docs

For enabling a user to send & receive fax from Google Docs, you must add him/her to a user org in a department:

  • Add user account in FaxMind Manager
    1. Login to FaxMind Manager, navigate to Accounts tab.
    2. In Departments panel, select a department in which you want to add the new user account.
    3. Click Add... button in User accounts group on toolbar, the Add a new User dialog box will be displayed.
    4. Type the user's full name, email address and other related information to the user.
    5. Click OK save.
  • Compose and send a fax from Google Docs
    1. Sign in to your Google Docs account;
    2. Check to select a document you wish to fax, click More button, in popup menu, click Share... and choose Email as Attachment...:

    3. The Email as Attachment dialog box will be displayed. If you composed the document online, you have to choose a file format for the attachement by clicking the Attach as combo box; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF fromats are recommended.
    4. In To line, enter the email account that you know FaxMind Server is monitoring, i.e. faxservice@faxmind.com.
    5. In Subject line, type the recipient's fax numbers, i.e. (203) 225-7751; 226-7754; +44 (20) 846-5445.
    6. Type the recipient fax numbers in Subject, each recipient is split by the ";" (semicolon), then type a message:

    7. Click Send button.
      As soon as your fax is sent, you'll definitely receive confirmation or verification email indicating if the fax went through.
  • Automatic upload incoming fax to Google Docs account
    1. Login to FaxMind Manager, navigate to Settings tab.
    2. Select Configuration Profiles section, double-click a configuration profile, following the wizard, click Next to continue.
    3. In the Google Docs section, check Upload all incoming faxes check box, enter your google docs account and password. Click Next
    4. Complete the wizard.
    Incoming fax messages are attached in PDF format for you to view them directly on your Google Docs account.