Fax Number Examples and Formats

The FaxMind server can recognize all common phone formats. However, we still recommend that you use the following formats when sending a fax:

  1. Local Phone Number: 934-1234, 934 1234 or 9341234.
    This is the format for making local calls, i.e. within the same area.

  2. Long Distance Number: (865)934-1234, 865-934-1234, 865-9341234 or 865 934 1234 (separated by space).
    This is the format for making long distance calls within the same country.

  3. International Phone Number: +1(865)346-3654, +1-865-8463654, +1 865 8463654 and +1 865 846 3654.
    In international usage, telephone numbers should always be quoted with the country code preceded by a "+";

  4. Extension Phone Number: 934-1234,,,,802 or +44-20-654-5678x802
    The comma causes a 2 seconds pause in dialing, you can add several commas if you want a longer soft pause. I.e. for the PBX (SPC exchanges) response.
    The x character is used to split the fax number and extension number, and will cause a 6 seconds pause in dialing. 

The above formats follow the rules of the Microsoft Canonical address format for phone numbers which are easily understood around the world.