Fax Modems (fax class 1, 1.0, 2 or 2.0) for Email to Fax Server

Normally, modem supports fax class 1, 1.0, 2 or 2.0 standards can be used to send & receive fax without problem with FaxMind Server. 

However, since most modems are usually only tested for data and Internet connections and do not work very reliable in fax mode. For getting maximum performance and reliability from your fax server, we recommend the following modems and fax boards from these manufacturers. 

We must emphasise that we cannot 100% guarantee the compatibility of any particular modem. The information below is based on customer reports. Sometimes a modem will work on one computer and not on another. The best suggestion purchase the modem from a store that has a return policy and test it.
  • U.S. Robotics V.92 USR5637 56K USB Faxmodem
  • Zoom 3048/3049/2949/H08-15328/H08-03328
  • Multitech 3334ZDX/5600ZDX/5634ZBA
  • Intel HCF 537EP V9x DF PCI
  • Zyxel Omni 56K COM+ Fax Modem
  • Zyxel U-90E COM Fax Modem
  • SoftV92 Data Fax Modem
  • PCI CX11252-11 Yazılım Fax Modem
  • Conexant PCI SoftV92 Modem
  • LSI HDA Modem
  • HDA CX20561 Yazılım Modem
  • Hayes Accura 56K EXT Fax Modem
  • Conexant HDA D110 MDC V.92 Fax Modem
  • Conexant PCI CX11252-41Z Yazılım Modem
  • U.S Robotics EXT USB Fax Modem
  • Agere Win Modem
  • Topic 56K External Data Fax Voice Modem
  • In-build CX11252 Modem
  • Generic - HCF PCI Modem
  • LSI PCI Soft Modem
  • PCI SoftV92 Speakerphone Modem
  • USB Data Fax Modem
  • Conexant USB CX93010 ACF Modem
  • Conexant Softk56 PCI Modem
  • ISDN: Carte Gazel Server 128 PCI (référence R685 PRO)
  • ISDN: AVM-Fritz PCI or -USB (2 channels)
Multiple-Port Fax Boards/Modems
  • Mainpine IQ Express 2/4/8 Port Modem
  • Multi-Tech MultiModem ISI Multiport Analog Modem
  • Comtrol RocketModem IV
  • Perle PCI Ras 4/8 Port Modem
  • Equinox Multi-modem fax / modem
  • Synway SHT 8/FAX Board
  • DonJin D081A4F/DN081A4F/D080F-08 Board
We also did not experience good results with some modems, i.e. Zoom 3095, it has nasty habit of refusing to be reset from software and will not release the phone line after a period of fax activity.