Send and Receive Fax From iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

This article explains how to send fax using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It also covers how to check and read incoming fax.

  • Add user account in FaxMind Manager
    For users to send & receive fax, you must add them to a user org in a department:
    1. Login to FaxMind Manager, navigate to Accounts tab.
    2. In Departments panel, select a department in which you want to add the new user account.
    3. Click Add... button in User accounts group on toolbar, the Add a new User dialog box will be displayed.
    4. Type the user's full name, email address and other related information to the user.
    5. Click OK save.
  • Compose and send a fax
    Make sure you already have the email account (email address we added in FaxMind Manager) set up on your iOS device.  To learn more about Mail and Account settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go here
    1. Tap Mail on the Home screen of your iOS device.
    2. Tap .
    3. Type the Email address FaxMind Server monitors for outbound fax in the To fields, or tap  and choose it from your contact list.
      As you type an email address, comparable email addresses from your contacts list appear below. Tap one to add it.
    4. Type the recipient fax numbers in Subject, each recipient is split by the ";" (semicolon), then type a message:


      If you would like to attach PDF, Word, Excel and Text files to a email, you have to use a 3rd-party software, like On-The-Go and Quick Office. To learn more about the Email Macros, go here.
    5. Tap Send.
      As soon as your fax is sent, you'll definitely receive confirmation or verification email indicating if the communication went through.
  • Read an incoming fax message
    Incoming fax messages are attached in PDF format for you to view them directly on your iOS device:
    1. Choose a mailbox.
    2. Tap Inbox, new incoming fax (Unread) messages have a blue dot next to them.
    3. Tap a message.
    4. Tap the attachment. It downloads to iPhone and then opens. You can view the fax message in both portrait and landscape orientation.