Use MS SQL/MySQL database server for data storage

For optimal performance, FaxMind Server uses a database server for data storage: Built-in SQLite, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, depending on your choice. A built-in SQLite database engine is embedded within FaxMind Server, so if you don't already have a database server in your network, this is automatically taken care of for you.

FaxMind Server supports MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) and MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition; Any bussiness edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2002/2005/2008 which could be purchased separately from Microsoft;

MSDE 2000 SQL 2008 Express
SQL 2005 Express  

MySQL Fax Server

Low-Cost, save up to 90% than Microsoft SQL Server! Fax Server can also support the MySQL Community Server. The MySQL server, database manager and admin tool are included with the FREE web server EasyPHP and Wamp Server.

MySQL 5.x EasyPHP
Wamp Server