FaxMind Cover Page Editor

Add, Edit, or Delete Cover Pages

To add, edit or delete a cover page

  1. Launch FaxMind Manager, and log in to FaxMind Server;
  2. Navigate to Settings tab, click Cover Pages in the left of window to display the Cover Pages section, and then do one or more of the following:

    To Do this
    Create a new cover page To create a new cover page click the New... button.
    Import cover page Click Import button and select an existing cover page file (. cpt) to import an existing cover page into FaxMind Server.
    Cover Page Properties... Select a cover page template, and then click Properties to change the cover page Name and Abbreviation.
    Edit with Cover Page Editor Open the selected cover page with Cover Page Editor and do the required modification.
    Delete an existing cover page Select a cover page template, and then click Delete.
  • Cover pages must have a .cpt file name extension. If you cannot find the cover page you are looking for, make sure it has the correct extension.
  • Cover page are stored under <Data Storage Location>\CoverPages (By default: D:\FaxMindData\CoverPages ).
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